Advantaged Advisers

Advantaged Advisers, LLC is a subsidiary of Advantaged Solutions, Inc which is dedicated to assisting the Government in the economic recovery of our nation.

We offer a full range of active and passive investment solutions across the capital market spectrum.

Plus, our portfolio management services feature our expertise in managing portfolios, complemented by our manager-of-managers program for alternative investments.

The principal partner leading Advantaged Advisers is David M. Boldon.

Mr. Boldon has significant and broad experience over the last twenty years working on both the sell and buy side of the market and spending several years in the risk management software market.

Prior to his work in the risk management software sector, Mr. Boldon managed Fixed Income Sales, Trading, and Origination teams for two major financial institutions which spanned over a dozen years. His teams were responsible for originating the very first securitization of Export Import Bank of The United States loan obligations into triple A rated medium term notes. This team originated over two billion dollars in medium term notes in Mexico, Argentina, Russia, Brazil and India. In addition, Mr. Boldon managed the trading desk in Los Angeles responsible for managing risks in US Treasuries, Corporate and Municipal Bonds, Commercial Paper and Bankers Acceptances. Concurrently, he was responsible for managing retail, middle market and institutional sales teams in Los Angeles, New York, Beverly Hills, San Francisco, Sacramento, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Prior to founding The Boldon Group in 2004, Mr. Boldon built several successful global sales teams marketing risk management software solutions to the structured derivative markets including 12 of the largest Structured Investment Vehicles in the market. In addition he built sales teams marketing high volume Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Risk Management Software Solutions to major banks around the world. Mr. Boldon built and managed sales teams in New York, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, and Bangkok.